Sunday, April 30, 2023


and then what of words? how to pull the pieces of a language together and say something of someone, to someone. say you, say me, say with a quivering confidence that we still walk the same steps. we see the waves falling into waves, we know that form is doing something before and after us, we know that before speaking of any color there is light and some kind of reverberation. there are things smaller than we can know, and yet we still say that we know them.

how to remain there, here, momentary passage among all that fog. to take illegibility at its word is to understand that there is not a curtain pulled before the truth, or a fogged out window, or a door. there is not something beyond that thing we keep saying is between us. we can keep trying to name it, but nothing works quite like a shape whose function is a breaking. after detailing our short history there were so many questions, and there was a pause. where do we go from here?

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