Monday, December 12, 2022


What is broken, what does not break, what is breaking in the broken, what is movement against which we break with desire? What is exception, what is comparable, what list of compatible, what is replaceable breakable, what waves to you? What is moon, what other planet where instead of two there is one, what is one, what is we, what is waves breaking over, break us into desire, into moonlight, what light broken into lightness? What is lightness, what needs assistance from the cashier, what is too light to be measured, what is the assistance that needs a break, what is the wavelength, what is the barcode, what is edged out of summertime, what calls itself December? What is the break in the waves, what is hands cupped hands, what is behind the ear, what is on its way, what is too early, what is overnight day-late next-day, what is sleeping next to us, what is next door? What distance keeps us, what widens it’s smile and shows its teeth, what gives itself away, what is the desire in the breaking, what is the shape of your breaking? What is desire now, after all we know?

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Look, this made me think of you. Beneath a few oak trees, N and I watched a whole lifecycle, worms crawling along bark, moths midair, empty ...